Puppy Adoption Form

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“Would you like us to help you choose a dog that suits your lifestyle and life situation best?


We often choose dogs based on the emotions we experience when we look at them. However we all know that emotions change and that swayed by them we often don’t make the right choices. A lot of dogs we rescue off the streets landed up there because people made emotional decisions about adopting them and not rational ones.


 Getting a dog who fits your lifestyle and personality type is critical to ensuring a happy future for you and your dog. For example, if you are a low energy person who doesn’t like a lot of outdoor activity and you get a dog who is high energy and needs enormous amounts of exercise to stay calm and happy then you can be sure that you and your dog are going to end up having a pretty stressful relationship.


Your dog is going to need you for the rest of his/her life. There are so many dogs already languishing in shelters or roaming the streets homeless. Giving an abandoned/homeless dog a loving home is an act of supreme kindness and love. To make it a truly enjoyable experience for both of you and for giving your new dog an opportunity to find a forever home start off by being rational and letting us help you find the right companion! Take a few moments and fill out the form below: