Dog Energy Levels


Dogs have different energy levels. When adopting a dog one should try to adopt a dog who will suit your lifestyle with her/his energy level. If you get a dog for example who is really active but you don’t have the time or the inclination to indulge in high energy activities like running, adventure sports or games then its never going to be a match made in heaven is it? If you are an active family go for an active, high energy dog, if you are more laid back and sedentary as a family then make sure your dog is a bit of a couch potato too!!


Dogs are usually classified as:


Very High Energy: Very active dogs. They are constantly on the move from morning to evening and don’t tire easily. They can walk or run for hours on end and still have energy left.


High Energy: Athletic dogs who like vigorous activity like running, playing and going for long walks but they also get tired at the end of these activities and are ready to sleep at the end of the day.


Medium Energy: These dogs are happy to seek out activities like walks and play and can also enjoy vigorous activity however they balance it out with equal amounts of rest.


Low Energy: This doggie is your classic couch potato. She prefers rest above all other activities and is happy to just go for a couple of walks every day.


Match your energy with your dog and find true happiness for both you and her. If you already have another dog then make sure that your new dogs energy level matches with your older dog as well.