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(Please Note This is a Directory Service. Indigree Angels Trust is Not Recommending Any of These Vets. If You Would Like to Add A Vet to This List Please Contact Us with the Details. Alternatively if you Find That Some Vets Listed Here Dont Exist or Their Contact Details Are Wrong Please Notify Us So That We Can Change/Remove Them. If You Have Complaints Against Any Vets Listed Here Please Comment On This Page So That Others Can Work With That Information. We Appreciate the Support. Thanks)

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Dr Nehru

Agra, Ph.: 987161000


Dr Gautam

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9825845174


Dr M L Gautam

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9825017283


Dr Freya Kharawala

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9824433227


Dr P V Manek

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 27415653


Dr G R Patel

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9824035316


Dr H R Patel

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9426398925


Dr V Prajapati

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9426014893

Dr Rathod

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9879301960


Dr Shivaji

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9426051393


Dr K Transadiya

Ahmedabad, Ph.: 9825067943


Dr Singhal

Aligarh, Ph.: 9897244954


Dr Parashar

Ambala, Ph.: 9896227819


Dr H P Judge

Amritsar, Ph.: 9815883268


Dr K B Lal

Amritsar, Ph.: 9814355105


Dr Gagandeep Singh

Amritsar, Ph.: 9417027695


Dr Amole

Amritsar, Ph.: 9876336116



Dr Nagesh Reddy

Bangalore, Ph.: 9901511119


Dr A Krishnaswamy

Bangalore, Ph.: 23410020


Dr Divakar

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845192934


Dr Ansar Kamran

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845116616


Dr L Ranganath

Bangalore, Ph.: 23412566


Dr Parameshwarappa

Bangalore, Ph.: 23638497


Dr K Venugopal

Bangalore, Ph.: 23530232


Dr Basavaraj C A

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845203328


Dr P Jairam

Bangalore, Ph.:  9845174978


Capt Ramesh P B

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845164580


Dr Raveendra Hegde

Bangalore, Ph.: 25422705/25455200


Capt N N Guptha

Bangalore, Ph.: 25535838


Dr Nanjundappa

Bangalore, Ph.: 9342526014


Dr S R Prakash

Bangalore, Ph.: 9342526014


Dr Narender R

Bangalore, Ph.: 9341216168


Dr  Ramesh H S

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845271016


Dr Basavanna Gowda

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844025928


Dr Dheeraj B Kashyap

Bangalore, Ph.: 25259475


Dr C N Prasanna

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844045035


Dr D Rajanna

Bangalore, Ph.: 9341224211


Dr Kalleshwara K B

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844164791


Dr L Kantharaju

Bangalore, Ph.: 23396035


Dr V C Murthy

Bangalore, Ph.: 23357233


Dr H D Lohitha

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845358602


Dr T Chandrashekar

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845045651


Dr S Thomas

Bangalore, Ph.: 9448202111


Dr Mohan R L

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845132005


Capt Pradeep Rao

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844117064


Dr Vasanth Shetty

Bangalore, Ph.: 2313840


Dr Azeem

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844103321


Dr K Sanjeev

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844013437


Dr T L Papanaik

Bangalore, Ph.: 25275892


Dr K G Amarnath

Bangalore, Ph.: 25282353


Dr George B Alexander

Bangalore, Ph.: 25213048


Dr T Vidyasagar

Bangalore, Ph.: 26781272


Dr Yathish

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844102986


Dr M N Subramanyam

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845107182


Dr M Vasanth Kumar

Bangalore, Ph.: 23487497


Dr G Basavaraju

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845088207


Dr K Raju

Bangalore, Ph.: 23281955


Dr Shivaprakash N B

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845031295

Dr Malikarjun A V

Bangalore, Ph.: 9901846647


Dr Yathiraj & Dr Sampath Kumar

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845025719


Dr Anand K J

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845313244


Dr Hemanth

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844004905


Dr B V Srikanth

Bangalore, Ph.: 9844057919


Dr Udaya Ravi Bhatt

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845028135


Dr Mohan Kumar Shetter

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845077846


Dr Sunil Mathad

Bangalore, Ph.: 23496896


Dr Pavan

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845568262


Dr Chandrashekar Rao

Bangalore, Ph.: 9845172157


Dr Venugopal

Bangalore, Ph.: 9900115868


Dr S N Venkatesan

Bangalore, Ph.: 080-26766405


Dr Abhi Tilak

Bareilly, Ph.: 9837066113


Dr Pawde

Bareilly, Ph.: 9412294363



Dr Durai Pandian

Chennai, Ph.: 9840031107


Dr Capt C Dhananjaya Rao

Chennai, Ph.: 9840033235


Dr Elancheran

Chennai, Ph.: 9840055744


Dr Elancheran

Chennai, Ph.: 9840055744


Dr Jaya Sunilarj

Chennai, Ph.: 9840081113


Dr R Jayaprakash

Chennai, Ph.: 9444385393


Dr A V Krishnan

Chennai, Ph.: 9340042412


Dr Krishna Kumar

Chennai, Ph.: 9841329695


Dr K Kulasekar

Chennai, Ph.: 944483077


Dr D Kumaran

Chennai, Ph.: 9444342058


Dr P Kumaravel

Chennai, Ph.: 9840033235


Dr A Manikandan

Chennai, Ph.: 9841136097


Dr V Manikandan

Chennai, Ph.: 9840189404


Dr K Manivel

Chennai, Ph.: 9894214665


Dr Mohamed Ali

Chennai, Ph.: 9894214665


Dr Mohamed Ghouse

Chennai, Ph.: 9884148800


Dr B Nagarajan

Chennai, Ph.:  984033444


Dr L Nagarajan

Chennai, Ph.: 9840479569


Dr A P Nambi

Chennai, Ph.: 9380173660


Dr Paul Fredrick

Chennai, Ph.: 22477137


Dr Prabhakar

Chennai, Ph.: 9884366035


Dr S Pradhaban

Chennai, Ph.: 9381013014


Dr Priyadarshini Govind

Chennai, Ph.: 25411673


Dr Rajesh Khanna

Chennai, Ph.: 9840053279


Dr J Ram Krishna

Chennai, Ph.: 26220275


Dr E Ramya Manickavali

Chennai, Ph.: 9444491242


Dr Ravisundar Goerge

Chennai, Ph.: 9840120476


Dr Saravanan

Chennai, Ph.: 9840777554


Dr Saravana Kumar

Chennai, Ph.:  9444269090


Dr T P Sekar

Chennai, Ph.: 9840022963


Dr P Selvaraj

Chennai, Ph.: 9444359684


Dr Senthil Kumar

Chennai, Ph.: 9840204505


Dr Shaju Devakumar

Chennai, Ph.: 9841252112


Dr S R Shivakumar

Chennai, Ph.: 9841121029


Dr P Sridevi

Chennai, Ph.: 9884265177


Dr Uma Maheshwari

Chennai, Ph.: 9884265177


Dr S Stalin Velladurai

Chennai, Ph.: 9382640719


Dr M Subramanian

Chennai, Ph.: 9841050748


Dr A Subramanian

Chennai, Ph.: 9444451022


Dr S V Sujatha

Chennai, Ph.: 9841074116


Dr T Suresh

Chennai, Ph.: 9840070507


Dr D Suresh

Chennai, Ph.: 9841740809


Dr R Suresh Kumar

Chennai, Ph.: 044-23710022


Dr M S Thirumurthi

Chennai, Ph.: 9381005453


Dr P S Thirunavaukkarasu

Chennai, Ph.: 9444217171


Dr S Vairamuthu

Chennai, Ph.: 9444214168


Dr J Venkatesh

Chennai, Ph.: 9884029543


Dr M Vijayabharathi

Chennai, Ph.: 9840161505


Dr V Vijaya Anand

Chennai, Ph.: 9841085436


Dr K M Chandra Sekar

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842268688


Dr Swaminathan

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842226299


Dr Subramanian

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842278788


Dr E K Selvaraj

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842259001

Dr Venkateshwaran

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842269007


Dr Selvaraj

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842215014


Dr Selva Prabakaran

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842213096


Dr Hari Haran

Coimbatore, Ph.: 982270234


Dr Kalia Perumal

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9842255767


Dr M Manu

Coimbatore, Ph.: 9843148555


Dr Ramamoorthy

Cuddalore, Ph.: 9842336366


Dr Sundar

Cuddalore, Ph.: 9842324691


Dr B K Sahu

Cuttak, Ph.: 93338910516



Dr Balian

Dehradun Ph.: 9412053220


Dr Gupta

Dehradun Ph.: 9837109413


Dr V K Sharma

Dehradun Ph.: 9142917791


Dr Vikas Sharma

Delhi Ph.: 9891215480


Dr Rajan

Delhi Ph.: 9971344901


Dr Navin

Delhi Ph.: 39466219


Dr Kapil Sachdeva

Delhi Ph.: 9810888669


Dr G B S Kaushik

Delhi Ph.: 9811089418


Dr C Bhattacharya

Delhi Ph.: 9810594861


Dr Sarita Chaudhary

Delhi Ph.: 9810147810


Dr Inder Yadav

Delhi Ph.: 9810346793


Dr Ajay Guliani

Delhi Ph.: 9810082405


Dr Vivek

Delhi Ph.: 9811796238


Dr Ramdeep Chaggar

Delhi Ph.: 9811389089


Dr S Chaggar

Delhi Ph.: 9811389089, 26963525


Dr A K Aggarwal

Delhi Ph.: 9810215401


Dr M M Sharma

Delhi Ph.: 9810162807


Dr S K Chaudhary

Delhi Ph.: 9810147810


Dr R T Sharma

Delhi Ph.: 9810036254


Dr Arvind Taneja

Delhi Ph.: 25735052


Dr Sunil Nagpal

Delhi Ph.: 255053034


Dr Aradhna Tripathi

Delhi Ph.: 27942285


Dr A Kumar

Delhi Ph.: 9811192468


Dr Rita Goyle

Delhi Ph.: 9868109020


Dr Pradeep Rana

Delhi Ph.: 9818146785


Dr S Kumar

Delhi Ph.: 9811377732


Dr I S Kothari

Delhi Ph.: 9810295542


Dr N Gandhi

Delhi Ph.: 9868117381


Dr Rajeev Seth

Delhi Ph.: 32307811


Dr R K Anand

Delhi Ph.: 9810186061


Dr Ashok Kaushik

Delhi Ph.: 22121489


Dr D P Singh

Delhi Ph.: 9810006186


Dr Anil Sood

Delhi Ph.: 24320055


Dr Sharma

Delhi Ph.: 9810162807


Dr D P Chaudhary

Delhi Ph.: 24632816


Dr Gautam Unni

Delhi Ph.: 9810053451


Dr S Kumar

Delhi Ph.: 9810029013


Dr Anuj Singhal

Delhi Ph.: 9811320548


Dr Vinod Sharma

Delhi Ph.: 9811608998


Dr Amit Saxena

Delhi Ph.: 9810745836


Dr Gautam Anand

Delhi Ph.: 9810167060


Dr Ajay Sood

Delhi Ph.: 9810755225


Dr Vikrant Jain

Delhi Ph.: 9811965428


Dr Dinesh Yadav

Delhi Ph.: 26211696


Dr Ranjeet Jha

Delhi Ph.: 9312409457


Dr Satendra Puri

Delhi Ph.: 25555918


Dr S P Arora

Delhi Ph.: 25557248


Dr Budhiraja

Delhi Ph.: 9810277300


Dr Neelam Josan

Delhi Ph.: 9811396110


Dr Ranjit Kharb

Delhi Ph.: 26135478


Dr A K Chanana

Delhi Ph.: 9811147236


Dr Z S Solanki

Delhi Ph.: 9810162967


Dr A K Nijrawan

Delhi Ph.: 22750976


Dr S K Sabharwal

Delhi Ph.: 27233266


Dr Lalit Mendiratta

Delhi Ph.: 22374241


Dr P K Srivastva

Delhi Ph.: 22153584


Dr Sanjeev Sharma

Delhi Ph.: 9810264169


Dr Geeta

Delhi Ph.: 25063696


Dr Joginder Paul

Delhi Ph.: 55465860


Dr Kuldeep

Delhi Ph.: 27862543


Dr Sunita Shastri

Delhi Ph.: 25447751


Dr R K Agarwal

Delhi Ph.: 26143040


Dr Mausami Rao

Delhi Ph.: 26174915


Dr Surinder Yadav

Delhi Ph.: 9810621441


Dr Sandeep Kumar

Delhi Ph.: 29960635


Dr Ajau Triguna

Delhi Ph.: 9910400800


Dr Jyotsna

Delhi Ph.: 9810536467


Dr Jitender Jagpal

Delhi Ph.: 9910030211


Dr Anil Kumar Kukreja

Delhi Ph.: 9810040758


Dr Ajay Rana

Delhi Ph.: 9810665953


Dr Indira Raisinghani

Delhi Ph.: 29224392


Dr Prabhakaran

Delhi Ph.: 24314787


Dr Rajiv Kapuria

Delhi Ph.: 24651246


Dr S S Mahendran

Delhi Ph.: 9810117102


Dr Satish Verma

Delhi Ph.: 24692277


Dr Jasbir S Bedi

Delhi Ph.: 9871179349


Dr Mangol

Delhi Ph.: 9811466081


Dr P K Kapil

Delhi Ph.: 9810234090


Dr Nagender Yadav

Delhi Ph.: 9811061861


Dr Sunita Noryal

Delhi Ph.: 9811983231


Dr Sanjeev Kakoty

Delhi Ph.: 9871699053


Dr Vikarant Jain

Delhi, Ph.: 9811965428


Dr G Balakrishnan

Dindigul, Ph.: 9367915357



Dr Mohan Kumar

Erode, Ph.: 9843075100


Dr Ramasamy

Erode, Ph.: 9842766717


Dr Venkarachalam

Erode, Ph.: 9364107185



Dr R K Bhardwaj

Faridabad, Ph.: 95129-2274536


Dr P K Arora

Faridabad, Ph.: 9811108559


Dr Bhupinder Singh

Faridabad, Ph.: 9810476278


Dr Chauhan

Faridabad, Ph.: 9868619491



Dr D P Singh

Ghaziabad, Ph.: 9810006186


Dr Vijay Pathak

Ghaziabad, Ph.: 9810095314


Dr Y Kaspa Reddy

Guntur, Ph.: 9848182433


Dr Jasjeet Josan

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9811170812


Dr V K Jain

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9811043887


Dr N K Jain

Gurgaon, Ph.: 95124-2570611


Dr Bhavna Kalra

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9810225681


Dr Sanjeev Wadhawa

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9810225681


Dr Satbeer Josan

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9810291453


Dr S Chillar

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9810452666


Dr Anju Singhal

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9811320548


Dr Mahenderen

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9810117102


Dr Bijedner Ruhil

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9891914530


Dr P K Sarmah

Gurgaon, Ph.: 3612417733


Dr Subhash Chandra

Greater Noida, Ph.: 9873078788


Dr R Krishna Kapardhi

Gurgaon, Ph.: 9849133468



Dr Anuj Aggarwal

Haldwani, Ph.: 9837160109


Dr K Chakraborty

Hoogly, Ph.: 9230538777


Dr C K Chakraborty

Hoogly, Ph.: 9830133735


Dr C Ghosh

Howrah, Ph.: 9433470736


Dr Nag

Howrah, Ph.: 9830046774


Dr S Rai

Howrah, Ph.: 9830280522


Dr D Maity

Howrah, Ph.: 9830038849


Dr Praveen Kumar

Hyderabad, Ph.: 23412631


Dr G P Raju

Hyderabad, Ph.: 9440024638


Dr S Venkaiah Naidu

Hyderabad, Ph.: 24030180


Dr Laxmi Ramana

Hyderabad, Ph.: 9346427514


Dr T V Suresh

Hyderabad, Ph.: 9440688178


Dr Muralidhar

Hyderabad, Ph.: 9246548100


Dr Keshav Srinivas

Hyderabad, Ph.: 9391000531




Dr S S Batti

Jallandhar, Ph.: 9815950562


Dr Bedi

Jallandhar, Ph.: 9814258726


Dr Bindra

Jammu, Ph.: 9419185380


Dr V K Singh

Jamshedpur, Ph.: 6575560482


Dr Dev Ashish

Jamshedpur, Ph.: 6572285262


Dr O P Shrivastava

Jabalpur, Ph.: 9329291280



Dr Gaurav Sardana

Karnal, Ph.: 9666421188


Dr Sunit Bindlish

Karnal, Ph.: 9896264394


Dr Anil Patil

Kolhapur, Ph.: 9822345637


Dr Arun Shintre

Kolhapur, Ph.: 9822309834


Dr Atul J Kherde

Kolhapur, Ph.: 9422045758


Dr G Mukherjee

Kolkata, Ph.: 9830478954


Dr S Chaterjee

Kolkata, Ph.: 9836455252


Dr K C Saha

Kolkata, Ph.: 9831010216


Dr S K Bandhopadaya

Kolkata, Ph.: 23732267


Dr S Bhattacharya

Kolkata, Ph.: 23604434


Dr S Roy

Kolkata, Ph.: 24401860


Dr J Chakraborty

Kolkata, Ph.: 9830014027


Dr S Ghosh

Kolkata, Ph.: 9830280522


Dr S Sarkar

Kolkata, Ph.: 23604434


Dr A Chakraborty

Kolkata, Ph.: 9831117972


Dr T K Samanta

Kolkata, Ph.: 9830065519


Dr D Basak

Kolkata, Ph.: 9830266091


Dr N K Roy

Kolkata, Ph.: 98305348131


Dr A K Murmu

Kolkata, Ph.: 9830495065


Dr A Chakraborty

Kolkata, Ph.: 25662245


Dr D Dey

Kolkata, Ph.: 24663012

Dr Rinkoo

Kotkapura, Ph.: 9876126248



Dr Gopal Krishna Shukla

Lucknow, Ph.: 9415289111


Dr V S Gindra

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9815014501


Dr Aditya

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9814268008


Dr Ravi

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9888442299


Dr Gurpreet Singh

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9417152481


Dr Jaspreet Singh

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9815245692


Dr Aks Preet Singh

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9872779558


Dr Sobti

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9814438892


Dr A P Mangat

Ludhiana, Ph.: 0161-2411486


Dr Parbjit Singh

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9814061047


Dr Ripu Daman

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9814061047


Dr Aman Deep Kaur

Ludhiana, Ph.: 9815245692



Dr Jan Basha

Madurai, Ph.: 9842167562


Dr Vairava Samy

Madurai, Ph.: 9843097223


Dr Pothi

Madurai, Ph.: 0452-2535307


Dr Prem Kumar

Madurai, Ph.: 9843009969


Dr V Shankaralingam

Madurai, Ph.: 9842150432


Dr P Manohar Upadhya

Mangalore, Ph.: 9343345603


Dr Jayaprakash Shetty

Mangalore, Ph.: 0824-2421239


Dr H K Chennegowda

Mangalore, Ph.: 9845186148


Dr P N Vegas

Mangalore, Ph.: 0824-2415334


Dr Gaurav Jain

Meerut, Ph.: 9837272406


Dr J S Verma

Meerut, Ph.: 9837272406


Dr D R Bhole

Miraj, Ph.: 9422041138


Dr Rajnish Tyagi

Modinagar, Ph.: 9837253817


Dr Anil

Moga, Ph.: 9814642046


Dr Johari

Moradabad, Ph.: 0591-2450206


Dr S Bharucha

Mumbai, Ph.: 9223443495, 9821679555


Dr Chavan G V

Mumbai, Ph.: 9322269396


Dr Davina

Mumbai, Ph.: 24455559


Dr Vineeta Kulkarni

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820294277


Dr Anil Wade

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820016420


Dr Brijesh Raj

Mumbai, Ph.: 9322289370


Dr Deepa Katyal

Mumbai, Ph.: 9819742557


Dr Avinash Shedge

Mumbai, Ph.: 9892109695, 9820534049


Dr Chetan Lavekar

Mumbai, Ph.: 9323983657


Dr Swali

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821120058


Dr Neha Wakamrar

Mumbai, Ph.: 9870403763


Dr Pradnya Pethe

Mumbai, Ph.: 30972143


Dr Rajhuns

Mumbai, Ph.: 9869467377


Dr Shaliesh Ingole

Mumbai, Ph.: 9892109756


Dr Khandekar

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820000471, 9869408507


Dr Makarand Chavan

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821231587


Dr Gadge

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821043160


Dr Mulekar

Mumbai, Ph.: 9967362502


Dr Natasha

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820476447


Dr Parul Parpani

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821237566, 9821237566


Pet Health Clinic

Mumbai, Ph.: 9819702792, 9870243216


Dr Jayram

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821512569


Dr R D Patil

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821232774


Dr Sangeeta Vengsarkar

Mumbai, Ph.: 24461748


Dr Sanjeev Rajdyakasha

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820237028


Dr Umesh Karkare

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820147546


Dr Sarita Gulavne

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821069853


Dr S G Swali

Mumbai, Ph.: 25213287


Dr Shyam Sharma

Mumbai, Ph.: 26201666


Dr Sunita Patel

Mumbai, Ph.: 9821010898


Dr Chousalkar

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820141899


Dr Trilok Telang

Mumbai, Ph.: 9322225180


Dr Waghmele

Mumbai, Ph.: 9223322556


Dr Warren Dimello

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820087726


Dr Ashok Shukla

Mumbai, Ph.: 26736139


Dr Leena Dalal

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820001687


Dr Velhankar

Mumbai, Ph.: 9819030607


Dr Smita Dixit

Mumbai, Ph.: 9820891046


Dr B N Thakur

Muzzafarpur, Ph.: 9334914904


Dr C S Arun

Mysore, Ph.: 9448052663


Dr Sanjiva Murthy

Mysore, Ph.: 0821-2571794


Dr H N Shadakshara Murthy

Mysore, Ph.: 9844103521




Dr Batra Nakodar

Nakodar, Ph.: 9815554942


Dr K Venkatswamy Reddy

Nellore, Ph.: 9849416130


Dr B Sugumaran

Nilgiris, Ph.: 9818195230


Dr J J Rappai

Noida, Ph.: 9810421071


Dr Kalra

Noida, Ph.: 9811722130


Dr Praveen Dutt Sharma

Noida, Ph.: 9350129753


Dr Laxman Baghel

Noida, Ph.: 9868099570


Dr Pankaj Bharadwaj

Noida, Ph.: 9212441083, 9716448989




Dr Manjeet Singh

Patiala, Ph.: 9914038922


Dr J Prasad

Patna, Ph.: 943103363


Dr P K Pandey

Patna, Ph.: 9835426498


Dr Chitra

Pondichery, Ph.: 9345456050


Dr Thangamani

Pondichery, Ph.: 9443291774


Dr S Gandhimathy

Pondichery, Ph.: 0413336259


Dr Hatekar

Pune, Ph.: 25463352


Dr Surti

Pune, Ph.: 9890131669


Dr Dhokrikar

Pune, Ph.: 26138774


Dr Gore

Pune, Ph.: 9822015118


Dr Apte

Pune, Ph.: 25679175, 25531473


Dr Jadhav

Pune, Ph.: 9822421715


Dr Shaikh

Pune, Ph.: 24266534


Dr Sagar Bhongle

Pune, Ph.: 9823288110


Dr Abhijit Wankhede

Pune, Ph.: 9822406968



Dr Y C Verma

Ranchi, Ph.: 9835354156


Dr Deepak Dalal

Rohtak, Ph.: 9416090003


Dr Jayanta Patnaik

Rourkela, Ph.: 9437042664



Dr Hirudayavasan

Salem, Ph.: 0427-2400690


Dr M Chandran

Salem, Ph.: 9443205906


Dr M P Viswanathan

Salem, Ph.: 0427-2448394


Dr Rajan

Salem, Ph.: 9842759169


Dr Vijay Vishnu

Salem, Ph.: 9994396292


Dr Jacob Mathew

Secunderabad, Ph.: 9440057199


Dr Raghavandra Rao

Secunderabad, Ph.: 27730885


Dr A Pandu Rangan

Secunderabad, Ph.: 27797458


Dr O S Prakash

Shimoga, Ph.: 08182-273762



Dr D Saravana Kumar

Thiruninravur, Ph.: 9444122122


Dr Ramanathan

Tirunelveli, Ph.: 9443130474


Dr Finton Missior

Tuticorin, Ph.: 9842126189




Dr Sanket M Bhatt

Valsad, Ph.: 09913603719


Dr Pandian

Vellore, Ph.: 9443245649


Dr Tirunavukarasu

Vellore, Ph.: 9443438509


Dr Jeyaraman

Vellore, Ph.: 0416-2234238


Dr Mohamed Shafiuzama

Vepery, Ph.: 9444191634


Dr Makkena Srinivas

Vijayawada, Ph.: 9885219712


Dr K Harichandraiah

Vijayawada, Ph.: 9866176646


Dr K Shyam Sunder

Vijayawada, Ph.: 9866176646


Dr D V S Kumar

Visakhapatnam, Ph.: 0891-2550959


Dr Raja Gopal

Visakhapatnam, Ph.:  0891-2706679


Dr V Srinivas

Visakhapatnam, Ph.: 9989010030


Dr Y V Ramana

Vizianagaram, Ph.: 9440194122



Dr Arun Goyal,

Yamunanagar, Ph.: 173-2320515


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