Adopting Your Dog From Good Practice Organisations


It is extremely admirable to adopt a dog from a shelter or a rescue organization.  And there are many good individuals as well trying to do as

much as they can for dogs on the street. When you adopt a dog from any of these, not only do you end up giving a dog a chance to have a

good life but you also earn lots of good karma in the process.


Dogs come to rescue organizations or shelters for a variety of reasons. They could be hurt or wounded animals. They could be animals who

have been abandoned by their owners. They could be puppies who were rescued from the street for purposes of safety or because their

mother died. They could be dogs whose owners are no longer able to care for them because of unforeseen circumstances and so on and so



When adopting a dog from any rescue organization or shelter we should make sure that they are indulging in good practices. Here’s what we

should watch out for:


  • Ideally the organization should be registered as a charity or Trust etc. This of course doesn’t apply to individuals who may be looking after and rescuing dogs.



  • Have provided proper veterinary care for pups/dogs who have been in their care.



  •   Have neutered dogs older than seven months and encourage and are happy to provide neutering services or refer you to good vets  



  •  Have a clean, sanitary facility where dogs look healthy and well fed.



  •  Know the dogs they are giving up for adoption and make sure that their temperament is suited to the adopting family.



  • Have you sign a contract when you adopt the dog which states their expectations of you clearly.



  • Ask you detailed questions about your lifestyle, environment, experience with dogs, ability to care for dogs and conduct a house visit.



  • Offer to take back the dog in case of your inability to care for it.



  • Provide you with proper vaccination, deworming and any other health records of the pup or dog.