Preparing Your Home for Puppy


Lots of people will go and pick up pups with little or no preparedness on their part. This is a recipe for disaster. Its quite similar to

bringing a baby home from the hospital and having nothing ready. No clothes, no food, no supplies whatsoever! How would that



It’s very important to have your house ready for your new family member. Here are some of the things you need to organize:


  • Ask the person/organization you are adopting from to give you information on the pups diet so that you have her food organized and ready.


  • Make sure you have identified a good vet and have all his/her numbers and details.


  • You’ll need a cushion or a basket for pup and a corner which will be hers. With small pups you should know that you will probably have to keep her in your bedroom until she is big enough to sleep on her own.


  • Have a plan for toilet training your puppy and lots of newspapers on hand for the same. Read up on the internet so you are knowledgeable and better prepared or ask the agency you adopt from to give you guidelines on this.



  • Make sure you have a first aid box ready for your pup in case of emergencies. This should include Betadine, Cotton, Isabgol (Psyllium Husk), Some Anti Vomit medication like Perinorm, Crocin (not Calpol), a few disposable syringes (discard the needles as you would be using this for oral administration of medicines), and a bottle of Gripe Water, Gelucid or Digene (Anti-Acid).


  • You need two stainless steel (these are easy to clean) bowls one for water and one for the pups meals.


  • A towel for cleaning up your pup.


  • A collar and leash


  • A brush to groom your pup, a flea comb, dog shampoo.


  • Natural chew bones and some other puppy treats.


  • A variety of stimulating puppy toys.


  • Some Lizol (Note Lizol in our opinion is a phenyl which dogs tend to have the least allergic reactions to), a sponge and a bowl in which to keep lizol and water mix in for quick wipes when pee and poop accidents happen.


  • Puppy Proof your home. What this means is that you need to remove all dangerous objects that a puppy may swallow or chew on like wires, or choking hazards like pens, pencils, loose change, keys, beads, paper clips etc. Breakable items like glass decorations, lamps etc should be moved out of reach. Closets and cupboards should be secured. Cleaning supplies or toxic chemicals, shampoos etc should be out of reach. Food items should be out of reach. Any open bodies of water like pools, ponds etc should be covered or made out of reach. Trash cans should be locked and sealed and toilet seats kept down. The best way to do this is to lie down on the floor and take a look around from that height. Remove anything you find in the way. This should be done for every room/bathroom your pup has access to.


  • If you have stairs etc that the puppy will be able to access, consider putting gates up to make sure there are no accidents.


  • If you have balconies the pup may be able to access you should remove all plants from there so that she doesn’t ingest dirt. Some plants are also toxic to dogs check out our list on this website to make sure they aren’t around your pup.