About Us


Indigree Angels Trust is a national non-profit organization designed to rescue, rehabilitate and heal

abandoned and abused Indian/Pedigree dogs. We are based in Delhi, India. This Trust is dedicated to

raising national awareness on the rare qualities of Indian dogs and the rampant neglect and abuse

they experience everyday. It’s a humble effort to awaken people to the truth that the guardian angel

that they spend their lives searching for is in fact just sitting outside their door, or down the street

waiting to share his lifelong love and protection.



Who we are



We are a group of like minded people dedicated to the welfare of the great Indian dog be they on

our streets or in our homes. On the street we feed, vaccinate and sterilize dogs and look after any

other medical needs that they may have like mange, scabies and other infections. We organize

fostering and adoptions of puppies and then follow up with adopting families, providing them tips

on training, nutrition etc and ensuring that the puppies are well looked after and loved.


We re-home abandoned dogs be they pedigrees or Indian dogs, no matter what age or gender. We

also provide training for all kinds of dogs to ensure that they and their owners are living happy lives



In a nutshell, we are happy to do whatever it takes to ensure that dogs feel loved, cared for and