Blossom by Sumedha/Jitender


  • - A Genetic Mix of Different Breeds
  • - Stronger Immune Systems than
  • Pedigrees
  • - Great Problem Solvers, Wonderfully
  • Agile and Very Clever
  • - Respond Remarkably Well to Training
  • - Unique Looking Because of Their
  • Interesting Genetic Makeup
  • - Undeniably Beautiful if Brought Up
  • with Nutritious food and Lots of Love
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    Indigree AngelsTrust is a national non-profit organization designed to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and heal abandoned and abused Indian dogs. This Trust is dedicated to raising national awareness on the rare qualitiesof Indian dogs and the rampant neglect and abuse they experience everyday. It’s a humble effort to awaken people to the truth that the angel that they spend their lives searching for is in fact just sitting outside their door, or down the street waiting to share his lifelong love and protection. We are here to help you find your perfect Indigree Angel Pup/Dog and to provide you information on how to bring him/her up the right way.From feeding to training, you will find it all here. And whats more, if you have puppies or dogs who need a happy home then go ahead and register on the site and you can post an advertisement up for your own angels.


    (Please note that your ad will not be posted if it involves the sale of dogs. Rescued pedigrees looking for loving homes are welcome as are pedigree pups families want to give up for free adoption)


    Coming Soon! A list of ailments dogs can sometimes suffer from and the general course of allopathic treatments as well as possible alternative therapies for healing

    Adopt a friend

    Make a dog happy, take him home! Check out our Adoptions. We have dogs in all sizes and shapes!!! Rescue one today and earn good karma.

    Bringing up pup & dog

    Everything you need to get it right with your pup or dog! From nutrition to tips on handling, its all here!


    Training is not just sit, stay and down, it's a lot more. Training your dog can be fun and ensures a balanced dog and a happy family. Dogs love to learn. Love your dog, train your dog.

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